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The Honda CB 750 Project.
To help illustrate the step-by-step process of our Custom Seat Services, we have documented the steps taken on a Honda CB 750.  Included in these services are our basic re-upholstering and re-conditioning services, plus a Super Cell Atomic Foam upgrade while maintaining the integrity of the stock seat shape.
Many photos, please be patient.
CB 750 - Before shot - tattered seat cover, slightly damaged stock foam.
"Before" shot - as it arrived.
CB 750 - Protective EDGEGUARD is being installed to protect the new cover from the rough metal edges of the seat pan. After stripping the seat of the tattered seat cover, we install the new rubber EDGEGUARD.   This will help protect the new vinyl cover from the sharp edges of the metal seat pan - a necessary step for all metal pan seats.
CB 750 - Naked for inspection. Once stripped of the cover, we inspect the seat for foam damage.  This seat has minor foam damage.  More extensive foam damage may require a phone call to the customer.
CB 750 - Minor foam repair services. Minor foam repair, as seen here, is a part of our basic re-conditioning services.  We bond structural repair foam in place and trim it using a foam cutting knife.
CB 750 - Sanding the minor foam repair. Once the gray, structural repair foam is trimmed, we sand the rough edges down to a smooth finish.
CB 750 - Alas, the big cut, in preparation for the Super Cell Atomic Foam Upgrade. Many seats benefit from a foam upgrade.  For this installation, we remove the top 1.5 inches of the stock foam in preparation for the Super Cell Atomic Foam.
CB 750 - Bonding the Super Cell Atomic Foam to the remaining stock foam. Then we bond the Super Cell Atomic Foam (in sheet form) to the remaining stock foam.
CB 750 - Shaping the Super Cell Atomic Foam back to the stock shape. Using the foam knife and sand paper, we cut and sand the Super Cell Atomic Foam to blend with the remaining stock foam.
CB 750 - Coating the seat for a bonded finish. Finally, in preparation for upholstery installation, we coat the entire seat in NBF (Nylon-Backed Foam) to seal the foam composite together and give it a smooth, uniform surface.
CB 750 - After shot - new, pleated seat cover installed.
"After" shot - the day it shipped.  After the moisture barrier is installed and the upholstery cover is steam-fitted to the seat, we install new chrome-tone trim and a new grab strap (using the existing hardware). 

This upholstery treatment includes the pleated insert in the seating area with a matching black trim.  The finished look is a classic style similar to the original look.   And, with the foam upgrade, the rider should experience improved long distance riding comfort.
A review of the charges for this CB 750
One piece metal seat pan base price* $109.95
Choice of smooth or pleated inserts Included
Minor Foam Repair and Re-Conditioning Included
Install Super Cell Atomic foam, Front and Rear $100.00
Foam re-contour:   None, maintain stock shape Included
New Chrome-tone trim, installed $35.00
New Grab Strap, installed $20.00
Shipping and Handling $19.95
Total (excluding sales tax - Florida only)** $284.90
*Base Prices cover the labor and materials for basic re-upholstery services, including stripping the seat, doing minor foam repair and re-conditioning, installing the moisture barrier, and crafting and installing a new, black upholstery cover.
** This is based on our prices as of 8/06.
All prices are subject to change without notice.

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