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The Sargent Cycle Products Story.

Our history spans nearly 80 years in the sewn products industry and begins in 1935 when Henry Sargent opened Sargent Seat Cover Company. Mr. Sargent’s vision was to service the local automobile dealerships in northeast Florida and surrounding region by providing ready-made automobile seat covers. Sargent Seat Cover Company became a successful automobile reupholstery business that remains in operation today.
Recognizing an opportunity, Marion Todd purchased the company in 1950 and transformed it to include virtually all forms of transportation upholstery and focused on custom automotive and marine upholstery services with an emphasis on customer service. Mr. Todd believed that the customer experience was every bit as important as the quality of the product, and that is still a core value to this day.
As the company grew over the years, so did the Todd family. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, his sons Mike and Mark joined their father in the pursuit of innovation in the sewn products industry.

Marion Todd, Father
1925 - 2010
Owner, Sargent Seat Cover Company
Having a keen interest in motorcycling throughout the 80’s, Mark Todd had been on many excursions to the Great Smokey Mountains.
After one particular trip in 1990, the concept of the company’s next evolution was realized. It was his close friend, Tom Taylor, whose seat was in desperate need of new upholstery that sparked the idea: Why not offer a motorcycle seat reupholstering and reconditioning service via mail-order? Mark suggested that Tom ship the seat to him for the reconditioning and, when it was finished, he would send it back… the process had begun.
It wasn’t long afterward that a marketing strategy was developed and advertisements were soon placed in prominent motorcycle publications and Sargent Cycle Upholstery was created.

  Tom Taylor (L) Mark Todd (R) 1988
As demand for this service grew, Sargent Cycle Upholstery established a conversation with its customers and learned what they liked and more importantly, did not like about their stock and aftermarket seats.
It was during this period of discovery that a new mission began to take shape. In 1996, armed with extensive knowledge of upholstery materials, seat design, and manufacturing technology, Mark decided to launch his own aftermarket seat line – World Sport Performance Seats, with his wife, Michelle. This new seating concept was created to give sport and sport touring motorcycle owners what they really wanted – a comfortable, attractive, precision-engineered and lightweight seating product.
By offering motorcycle owners a seat with advanced features not yet seen in the marketplace, Sargent established its position as an innovator in the industry under a new entity - Sargent Cycle Products North America.

Mark and Michelle Todd
Honeymoon, 1996


Today Sargent Cycle Products continues its tradition of innovation, excellence in customer service, and the manufacturing of quality products. Under the continued direction of Mark and Michelle Todd along with General Operations Manager, Greg Edwards, and both daughters - Nara-Lee and Marielle Todd (in limited capacities), Sargent Cycle Products North America is now a division of Mark One Industries Inc. and is known world-wide for premium motorcycle seating products and accessories. Sargent Cycle Products proudly employs 25-30 local folks - a diverse group of people of all ages, ethnicities and nationalities, and it is happily located in the Historic Springfield District in Uptown Jacksonville, FL.