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Custom Seat Services Price List
Effective October 10, 2022 - The scope of our Custom Seat Services changed to suspend complex foam changes. We will still offer our re-upholstery / re-conditioning service for most models, Super Cell Foam upgrades maintaining the stock shape, and World Sport Seat re-furbishing services.
This price list is designed to estimate general or standard services.  Extraordinary or complex services may have to be estimated individually.  And, of course, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-800-749-7328, Monday-Friday, 8-5 Eastern.


All seats for custom seat work start out with a BASE PRICE.  The BASE PRICE covers the labor and materials for basic re-upholstery and re-conditioning.  The type of seat pan base material and number of pieces will determine the base price.


All other services (i.e., Upholstery Upgrades and Foam Upgrades) are in addition to the base price.


For World Sport Reupholstery or Refurbishing Services, please click HERE.


Base Prices
All seats and backrest components start with a Base Price, which includes the labor and materials for a basic upholstery recovery in black with either smooth or pleated inserts (*unless otherwise noted).
NOTE: All prices are subject to change without notice. Effective Jan 4, 2023.



All Prices are Quoted in US Dollars.
1-piece plastic stock seat pan 179.95


2-piece plastic stock seat pan 224.95


1 plastic pan stock backrest 52.50


1-piece metal stock seat pan 254.95


2-piece metal stock seat pan 299.95


1 metal pan stock backrest 75.00


Aftermarket metal pan 1-piece 374.95


Aftermarket metal pan 2-piece 419.95


Aftermarket metal pan backrest 112.50


Aftermarket 1-piece fiberglass 374.95


Aftermarket 2-piece fiberglass 419.95


Aftermarket fiberglass pan backrest 127.50


BMW 1-piece (stock) plastic pan 254.95


BMW 2-piece (stock) plastic pan 299.95


BMW plastic pan backrest 75.00


BMW 1-piece (stock) metal pan 299.95


BMW 2-piece (stock) metal pan 339.95


BMW (stock) metal pan backrest 112.50


Oversized or Complex Stock Seats
ST1100, Concours CBR 1000, Moto Guzzi Cal EV Tourer
V-Max (3-piece stock seat)



Touring Seats – Smaller (Stock) Any Touring Bike
GL1000 up to 1979, Calvacade, Voyager, Venture Royale



Touring Seats – Larger (Stock)
GL1100 (1980+), GL1200 (up to 1986)
American Cruising Tourers, Valkyrie Interstate, Royal Star Venture, Harley FLHT



Touring Seats – Goldwing Specific
GL1500 and GL1800 with Sargent Treatment (Button-Fit and covered-over hand gaps*)
GL1500 and GL1800 with any other upholstery treatment



Touring Seats Backrests and Accessories (Stock)
Touring smaller, case-mounted pad (i.e., GL1100)
Touring larger, case-mounted pad (i.e. GL1200)
Deluxe Backrest with extended side bolsters (i.e., GL1500)



Aftermarket Touring Seats and Backrests/Accessories
Fiberglass pan touring seats (without the lever)
Fiberglass pan Backrest
Markland Backrest
Rear Pocket (Corbin or Markland)



Upholstery Upgrades
These are in addition to the base price.
Smooth or pleated inserts (black) N/C


Matte Black Smooth (formerly known as Allante) N/C


Welt (black) N/C


Re-install supplied strap N/C


CarbonFX N/C


Color Welt (aka piping or bead) 40.00


Color Trim 40.00


Tri-Color Detail (Italian or BMW M-Sport) 60.00


New Strap (re-using existing hardware) 40.00


Install seat cover purchased separately – discount the base price -15.00


Reinstall stock cover – discount the base price -15.00


Re-install Supplied Chrome (except earlier model BMWs) 100.00


Chrome-tone Knock-On, installed. 75.00


Re-install supplied BMW /5 & /6 Chrome Trim Please call.


Foam Alterations
These are in addition to the Base Price. Foam upgrades (Super Cell Atomic Foam installations) have one flat rate.     
Super Cell, front only, maintain stock shape 145.00


Super Cell, front & rear, maintain stock shape 190.00


Gel Inserts Not Available.


Foam Re-contouring Services


Please call.
Premium Foam Upgrades - Discontinued.
BMW R 1200 ST 2005+ - Front Modification Only 679.95


BMW R 1200 ST 2005+ - Front & Rear Modification 809.95


Ducati GT 1000 Sport Classic - Front Modification Only 679.95


Ducati GT 1000 Sport Classic - Front & Rear Modification 739.95


Honda NT 700 V - Front Modification Only 679.95


Honda NT 700 V - Front & Rear Modification 809.95


Honda 919 - Front Modification Only 679.95


Honda 919 - Front & Rear Modification (Choice of 2-up or Solo Rear) 739.95


Honda ST 1100 PFU – Front Modification Only 679.95


Honda ST 1100 PFU – Front & Rear Modification 739.95


Honda VFR 1200 - Front Modification Only 679.95


Honda VFR 1200 - Front & Rear Modification 739.95


Suzuki Hayabusa 2008+ - Front Modification Only 679.95


Suzuki Hayabusa 2008+ - Front & Rear Modification 739.95


Triumph Tiger 2007-2010 - Front Modification Only 679.95


Triumph Tiger 2007-2010 - Front & Rear Modification 809.95


For all other sport touring models, please call for pricing. Discontinued.


Dual Sport – Front & Rear Modification - Super Cell and Widen Front and Rear, Change Platform Angle (must have level line), all black. (Excludes all BMW Models.)


Miscellaneous Installation Prices
For Sargent seat covers such as the Sport Skinz (except BMW),
Classic Skins (excluding the BMW /5) and Ready-Fit.
1-piece plastic 90.00


2-piece plastic 130.00


1-piece metal 130.00


For BMW Sports Skinz and the /5 Classic Skin installations:
1-piece plastic 165.00


2-piece plastic 225.00


1-piece metal 265.00


Re-install BMW Chrome 100.00


Sales Tax–charge the applicable county tax for all orders in Florida.Per County


Shipping and Handling
This is in addition to all other custom seat service charges.
Standard FedEx Ground service (contiguous United States) $19.95


Shipping to Canada via FedEx Ground / Air - Medium to Large $29.95 / $100.00


Upgrade to Expedited Shipping Services Call for Estimate


Alaska or Hawaii Shipments Call for Estimate


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