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Persons conducting business with Sargent Cycle Products via our internet site and e-commerce shopping cart application will be asked to submit basic information needed to complete the order.

The information includes:

Customer Name, Billing and Shipping Address, Daytime Phone, and Email Address as well as product details being ordered and method of payment.


This is the same information that is required to place an order by telephone.


Once your credit card information is keyed into our system and saved, it is encrypted so no Sargent associate may view it completely (only the last 4 digits for reference only). Therefore, we cannot verify credit card information after the fact.


This information is transferred into our internal order fulfillment system and used for the sole purpose of fulfilling the order. We may use your phone number or email address to contact you to verify order details, and we may use your email address to confirm your order and advise of the shipping date and tracking information. If you prefer not to be reached via email, please send an EMAIL or call and ask to have your email address removed and verify your telephone information on your customer record.


Our proprietary website / e-commerce site uses cookies to track marketing efforts, execute shopping cart activity, and retain customer and order detail information. By default, we do not save customer credit card information with the customer record. It is only saved with the specific order for single use. Therefore, additional transactions (i.e., order add-ons or refunds) may require additional customer contact for method of payment. During check-out, customers may opt in to have credit card information stored with their customer record.


We do not sell, share, or otherwise give out customer information. At some point in the future, we may use your contact information to advise you of proprietary promotions or releases. If, at that time, you do not want to be contacted, you will be given an opportunity to "opt-out" of our program. Once you have opted out, you will have to call to be re-subscribed to our email services.


Anyone entering into a purchasing agreement with Sargent Cycle Products agrees to these policies.