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The Cornerstone of Sargent Cycle Products

Sargent Cycle Products entered the motorcycle aftermarket industry in 1989 with their Custom Seat Services division. Backed by more than 60 years of upholstery experience, Sargent is proud to be recognized as an industry leader in reupholstering, reconditioning, restyling, and foam upgrade technologies for new and older bikes alike.

Basic Reupholstering and Reconditioning.

Our Custom Seat Services Division can reupholster and recondition virtually any motorcycle or ATV seat. Basic reupholstering and reconditioning is the most economical way to breathe new life into an old, worn-out seat. We have standard patterns to fit most seats, and you have your choice of CarbonFX® vinyl, pleated vinyl, smooth vinyl, or button-fit styles.

How It's Done.

First, each motorcycle seat is examined for foam deficiencies and repaired as needed. The original foam is then steamed for expansion. Next, a fresh layer of low-density foam is bonded over the original foam and a new moisture barrier is added. Metal pan seats have a new rubber EDGEGUARD installed, if needed. A Custom-made upholstery is then steam-fitted to your seat. On plastic-pan seats, the upholstery is secured with galvanized staples, and the original prongs or aluminum rivets are used on metal pan seats. The result is the best upholstery you can buy -- installed right, and ready for years of uncompromising service.

Other Services

In addition to basic re-upholstering services, Sargent offers foam upgrades. Our proprietary Super Cell Atomic Foam is known for its suspension and vibration-absorption properties - two features that offer improved comfort over most OEM motorcycle foam cushions.

Consultation - Please call 1-800-749-7328 M-F 8-5 Eastern

To get the most benefit out of our Custom Seat Services, customers will find working with one of our consultants will help them determine what services are available for their seat and if foam upgrades might improve comfort.

It should be noted that "comfort" is subjective and what might work for one person may not work for another. It should also be noted that sometimes the inherent design of the OEM seat may limit how and where foam upgrades may be installed, so consultation is key.