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I wanted to tell you how great this [Harley-Davison Pan America] seat is. It’s outstanding. We have 500 miles on it already and I was immediately pleased at what a greatly designed seat this is. Nice JOB.

Mike R.
Lakewood, WI

Greetings Sargent:

Well, your team exceeded expectations! I am a Sargent customer for life! Of course there were others involved in the [warranty] repair of the seat pan for my Ducati Streetfighter but I only know Dane, Ernie & Bob from email correspondence. Seamless, speedy, reliable and friendly service; you all are fantastic! Thank you very much. Warm and sincere regards,

Steve W. 
Odessa, FL

I own a Harley-Davidson, which has proven to be my favorite motorcycle ever (and I have been riding motorcycles for over 48 years). However, the stock seat (like almost ANY stock seat) was only good for about 20 to 30 minutes before numbness, hot spots and squirminess would set in.

My new Sargent HD Premium Touring Seat - with ZONE SUSPENSION AND BODY CONTOUR TECHNOLOGY and comfort channel - is absolutely perfect. I have had it on my bike for about 3 months now with at least three long-distance trips (day rides of 200 to 400 miles), and it has been awesome.

This is the fourth Sargent seat I have purchased, and you have really outdone yourselves on this one! No hot spots, no numbness, no problems...I can't recommend your company highly enough.

Great quality, great product, great customer service.

St. Simons Island, GA

I received my seat today and want to express how extremely happy I am with the work you did. The communications and overall customer service you provided was top notch. My bikes will have more Sargent seats in the future.

Thank you again! 
Charlton, NY

Hi again,

A bit late perhaps, but none the less: Thank you so much for managing to dispatch my 1200 GS seats in time for my road trip. They arrived 2½ hours before we set off, and with no fitting time, just snap on and drive, I was able to thoroughly enjoy the trip perched on comfy, new seats! I'm very pleased with the seats!

Best regards 
Jarle O. 
Skien, Norway

Thanx for shipping ahead of schedule. I really appreciate it and the free hat. This is my 4th Sargent seat.

Steve Miller 
Quinton, Va.

I recently purchased a driver/passenger seat combo for my 2014 Super Tenere ES and I want to provide feedback. I was treated so well over the phone by the gentleman that helped me as well as by the gentleman that shipped the seat and charged my card. The purchase experience could not have gone better. After receiving the seat and putting many miles on it, I still have the same positive feedback to offer. Exceptional quality and amazingly comfortable seat - great job Sargent! Here's a post I put up to hopefully inspire more to try your seat for this bike: http://www.yamahasupertenere.com/index.php?topic=12153.0

Thanks again - I'm a very happy customer and will always choose Sargent first on any motorcycle I may take on in the future!


I just purchased a Sargent seat from you for my 2003 BMW K1200rs. I wanted to say I was surprised that the seat arrived so quickly. I just recently took a few short rides in town and have to say the seat is much more comfortable than the old stock seat.

The craftsmanship is wonderful.

Thank you for your wonderful seat.

Santa Barbara, CA

I got the seat today and just wanted to tell you how much I like it. The level of comfort is far better, and it looks very clean and professional. You guys did a fantastic job. I can't wait to have my fiancée test the rear seat. Thank you again.

Yorkville, IL

Seat arrived today, abso----inglutely beautiful!!! Beautiful materials and awesome workmanship, my riding buds are going to go nuts! I think you will be getting orders from them.

Thank You very much!

Pittsburgh, PA

I've been meaning to write for a couple of weeks now, but am just now getting around to some things...

A big thank you to Sargent Cycle Products!! We received our seat, complete with a perfect repair of the bracket and with plenty of time to spare for our upcoming road trip, plus a free hat!

Great service all around. We are very grateful. Thank you.


Colorado Springs, CO

Everyone at Sargent,

I am very excited to get my new seats. I have used Sargent seats for 6 years and swear by them to my friends. Now I will add great customer service to the list.

Thanks so much for your time and accommodations.

Customer For Life.

Plant City, FL

The seat for my Daytona arrived today and WOW! Not only does it look great but it fits me perfect. Very comfortable. You all did a fantastic job, from sending me welt samples, to customer service, to the finished product, it all was great. Of course I wouldn't have been a return customer hadn't you also done a great job on my Triumph Tiger earlier this year. Thanks again.

Warren, MI

I am a firefighter in Rochester, NY. On 9/11 (2013), I was off from work and thought that it would be a good day (92 degrees in Rochester) to ride and reflect. I was on my 2000VFR putting on some serious country miles, lovin' life, just glad to be alive. I stopped to gas. I got off the bike and BAM...no pillion seat &#^@%$#^@*@!!!! Any how, backtracked to no avail.

At around 4:30 that day I called and had the pleasure of dealing with and speaking to your staff. While losing $200+ sucked (my fault, probably didn't "click it in correctly"), I got to talk with you guys. You get it. I am so tired of America's failing, crashing, decaying customer service. I don't even get asked if I want fries with that anymore.

You were familiar with every bike I mentioned, even my ZL1000. Which , by the way, I will be sending to you guys to refurbish; thanks to your awesome customer service skills and "just a good guy" attitude. I got my confirmation that the saddle is already on the way! Rochester has a short season and will come to an end within a month to a month-and-a-half.

I admitted that originally I considered Corbin. I had one for my FJ1200, it was nice, got to admit it. On the VFRD forum, you guys get the props though...good price point AND awesome customer service. I went through my fellow firefighter who does all the major work on my bike (Checker Flag Cycles--Tom D'Ettore) to get the saddle. I've had the saddle for 21,000 miles and still going (the front at least). Corbin has a reputation of being tough to deal with or just get a hold of...that's the word on the street.

Anyhow, but the time I was done talking, I was still sore from losing the section, but happy I spoke to you. I hope that dealing with your staff as an employer is as enjoyable as a customer. Pleasant, knowledgeable about bikes and the product, and life itself...a true salesman. Even if you really didn't care, you sure made me feel like you did. Sorry, but up here in NY where only NYC matters, a lot of people just don't give a S$#@. Maybe it's the lack of sun... so please forgive my cynical statement.

I have rambled enough. I look forward to speaking to you and dealing with Sargent again. Please forgive my manners, the woman who initially answered was efficient pleasant as well. It was an all around great experience!

Live Long in Days and have Pleasant Nights,

Rochester, NY

Guys...what an outstanding seat. The features are clever and quality is jaw dropping. In this day of "cheap and nasty" it's just so refreshing to come across a product that has clearly had the benefit of thoughtful, real world design hours invested....Bravo.


I just wanted to let you know that I received my seat yesterday in good order. I have not put it on the bike yet but I am sure it will fit fine, I will try it out this weekend.

Your online order system was excellent. It was easy for me to fine the right seat for my Suzuki SV650S. The shipping was great as well. The tracking number allowed me to even track the package once it was in Canada with Canada Post. Thanks for the flashlight was a nice bonus.


Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

I have received the seat + the rear cover. Everything installed thanks to the very comprehensive manual, and the test drive has been made. Absolutely smashing. Thank you very much for the perfect handling of the order. I can only recommend your company and the service.

Kind regards,

United Kingdom

Wanted to let you know that I got my seat back just in time for a weekend of riding. What a joy it was to have your seat back on my bike. The stock GS seat is a "Weapon of ... Destruction"! That said, I want to thank Sargent Cycle for taking care of the seat for me.

Hope all is well,

Fairfield, CA

I shopped long and hard before placing this order with SARGENT. Your web site was the only one in the custom seat community which is modern, understandable to mortals, and absent hokum. My conclusions are based on over 50 years on bikes and current employment in the business.

Your sales staff was patient and helpful during a couple calls to answer my questions. Your competitors were dismissive and virtually non-responsive on the phone and email.

Finally, your price points are logical, fair, and competitive.

Best regards,

Greensboro, NC

Hey I got my seat cover for my bike. I had a little hard time ordering online so I called and you guys were very helpful at ordering for me. Thanks for the help and the fast shipping. The seat cover looks great can't wait to get it on.

Thanks again


You guys are the best. You seriously modified my 2012 Tiger 800 seat prior to actually coming out with the complete seating "system" for the bike and I was very happy with it. The other day, I traded it in with only 4000 miles on it for a new 2013 Thunderbird Storm...and I brought it down to your shop and discussed mods to make it fit my butt better. It is a great benefit to have one of the best motorcycle seat manufacturers in the world about 30 minutes from my house. One of the guys from the neat area (left turn after entering the side door) came out to look at it as well as a foam guy. We established what we think would improve my riding and I'm only waiting until a little later when the turn-around time is a little less to get it done. I just wanted to say thank you for the great personal attention and your pride in a job well done.

Jacksonville, FL

Thanks for the update on my order. I am deployed to Afghanistan as a DoD Civilian, been here a year, and I cannot tell you how much I look forward to your new seat on my BMW. I was speaking with a soldier yesterday and mentioned I had ordered a Sargent seat to replace my original. He raved about your seat, said the comfort, feel and style are spot on. I am coming home just in time for the good weather around D.C.

Looking forward to saddling up and going for a long overdue ride.

Best Regards,


Good morning,

I received my seat as promised on Thursday, we test drove it yesterday. I just wanted to say a huge Thank You. Your service has been excellent, well done. The seat is amazing, I am very impressed with the comfort.

We used to have an XJ 600 which we went all round Scotland on with no problems. We then bought the Bandit as a bigger tourer so that we could go further afield. I went on the back only once, and couldn't walk for 3 days, the seat was so uncomfortable and hurt my hips so badly. That was 3 years ago. Ever since then we have been looking for a replacement seat, I am so glad that we found Sargent Seats. Absolutely fantastic.

Thank you again.


Scotland, UK

A custom seat conversion performed, shipped, and re-installed on my R1200R ten days after I sent it to you? Fantastic! Simple instruction for installing the heat control unit? Terrific! Discounts for club membership? Free shipping? You guys are great! I'm spreading the word whenever I can.

Irving, TX

First off, thank you for your time (and patience) as someone that deals with salespeople all day on the phone, I can honestly say that I haven't met too many people like you, with your patience. Sargent is lucky to have you on their team.

Niskayuna, NY

I installed the bracket over the weekend. Both the seat and the bracket fit great. I really want to thank you and your company for doing such a first rate job. A lot of companies could learn something from your quality and customer service.

Simi Valley, CA

Thank you very much. I appreciate the time you took to discuss my riding habits and which product fabrics would work best for me. I also appreciate the quick response to numerous emails during this past week. Your knowledge of Sargent products, service and commitment to your company is excellent. They are lucky to have you work for them. Happy holidays to you and your family. I hope you will forward this to your supervisor so they will know what an excellent employee they have.

Novi, NV

Thank you and all your team! Thank you again, your company is a pleasure to work with!

Novi, MI

I have a 2004 Honda Silverwing maxi-scooter and my OEM seat was rather uncomfortable. After seeing what you did for a friend of mine's Silverwing, I wanted to bring my seat in for you to work your magic on.

I was not disappointed. The foam work you did has made all the difference in the world. I just came back from a 5 day trip to Deal's Gap, NC (not trailered) and had ZERO fatigue from the seat. And the range of upholstery you have on hand - icing on the cake.

Jacksonville, FL